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Cachathon and Poker Run

Cachathon Germanicum MMX, 10-12. September 2010

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What is offered

The Cachathon and Poker Run has soemthing to offer for everyone. Multiple new caches from easy traditioals to complex multi caches are hidden. Participants have the following options:

  • Free Caching
    Cache as you want. If you do not participate in the competitions do not remove any items for the competitions from the caches.

  • Cache Zone Poker Run
    The Poker Run is for single participants or teams. Find the two caches with the playing cards. Take one each. When returning, add the dealer's three card to yours - the highest Poker hand wins (see Poker Hand rankings at Wikipedia).

  • TerraTouching Cachathon
    Teams from 3-5 persons participate in the Cachathon. Each team records the entire Caching tour as GPS "track log". Teams receive points by TerraTouching analysis of the "track log". Participation Requirements Cachathon.

Cachathon History

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