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Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run 2006
“Übern Deister”

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Organisation: Eggbart, schlumbum, TravelingViking

Germany's first Geocaching event:

  • in 2006
  • with own, traceable Geocoin
  • drawing for a Moun10Bike Geocoin

January 1st, 2006 8 AM in Springe on the Deister

“Übern Deister” is a short form of "going over or crossing the Deister", it is the name of little hill-range here. However, locally "crossing the Deister" can also be translated as "to byte the dust". So looking at it: either interpretation works, considering the day and time of day, some cachers will probably arrive quite "dead"...

The Contest

The Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run is quite simple. We give you a list of waypoints that you have to visit, at each waypoint you will find a flag/marking consisting of a letter or digit. Write down all letters and digits which will give you a password.

The person doing the course in the shortest time and having the right password could be considered a winner. However, that would be too boring - we make things more interesting:

  • At each waypoint you will find multiple flags or markings just a few yards apart, this is below the resolution of your GPS so you need a little bit of luck, too.
  • The entire "course" is laid right around the BBQ and fire area, so that all others can watch.
  • There will be prizes for the following four categories:
    1. Oldest Cacher
    2. Youngest Cacher
    3. Best dressed Cacher
    4. Least dressed Cacher

And yes, this is definitely is a family event! So cachers please undress responsibly...

This Event was inspired by the "Frozen Bun Run", a yearly water skiing competition held at Bethel Island, Northern California. So we just replaced the boat, skis and water with GPS and waypoints, all other rules and contests are the same.