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Geocaching Sponsoring

With the ever increasing amount of Geocaching Events, Blogs and Web pages we receive many requests for sponsoring. Unfortunately so many, that we can not accomodate all of them. On this web page we summarize our sponsoring activities.

Current Geocaching Event & Blog Sponsoring

We created a bookmark list on the web page: Bauchladen on Tour

This list shows all geocaching Events we visit and which items we give to the event organizers for prize drawings or competitons.

If you would like us to sponsor your event or blog, then do not contact us directly. Make your request public by using the Internet and its social networking capabilities. How would you use the prizes we sponsor, how would you determine who gets them?

Among all those activities that we recognize we will pick those that we like best and award them sponsor packs of a 50 Eruo or more value. Winners will be published here or on the Bauchladen on Tour list.