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Southern Cross Tags

by VikingTwareg

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Background Information (links to Wikipedia)

The Geocaching Profile „VikingTwareg“ tells the story of a Viking. During his travels he reached all the way to the Sahara meeting the people Tuareg. The Tuareg are berber nomads and have their own alphabeth, Tifinagh. Today they primary live in parts of Algeria, Niger and Mali in areas with exotic names like Air or Tenere.

Southern Cross Tags

The Southern Cross Tags and Charms

The Tuareg use charms in various variations all symbolyzing the constellation „Southern Cross“ (Crux). Every settlement uses their own variation. The Travelbugs of this series show charms of the settlements Agadez, Tahoua, Bilma and Abalak. These places all lie within todays Niger and can be shown using Google Earth.

All variations of the tags have a unique Geocaching "tracking code" and can be traced at The charms themselves have no tracking code and can be used as charm or Geocaching trade item.


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